Gameloft Announces Official Iron Man 3 Game For iOS And Android

If you are a fan of the Iron Man series of movies, chances are you probably can’t wait to catch Iron Man 3 upon its release. For those who consider themselves more hardcore fans, the folks at Gameloft have announced the Iron Man 3 game will be making its way onto iOS and Android devices on the 25th of April. From what we can see in the trailer video, it does not look too bad and could even be pretty fun, although I still have a bit of skepticism and see this more as a promotional tool rather than an actual proper game. Then again I could be wrong but in any case, for those interested, the 25th of April is a date you’ll want to mark on your calendars, and in the meantime feel free to check out the trailer in the video above to get an idea of what you might be able to expect.


BionicOpter dragonfly


BioniCopter was built by Festo, a tech firm that has taken cues from nature to improve robotic flight before with their SmartBird. With a 63-centimeter wingspan and weighing in at just 175 grams, BioniCopter is a pretty neat addition to their lineup that offers some insight into new types of flight.

The way a dragonfly maneuvers in the air is fairly unique compared to the other flying creatures in the world. The 17.3-inch long dragonfly drone can flutter through the air in any direction without moving their wings, hover in place, or move quickly in any direction.Its four carbon fiber and foil wings beat up to 20 times per-second, propelling it through the air as if it were swimming rather than flying. Their four wings are positioned in two different positions, and they move in slightly different ways, which is what sets this insect apart from the rest of the fliers out there. Replicating this ability in a flying machine requires not only a unique physical design, but a unique program to drive the machine. Despite being a little different from the other quadcopter machines out there, the BionicOpter can still be easily driven with a smartphone apps.




Facebook’s modified version of android

Facebook introducing a modified version of Google’s Android operating system.  Facebook employee,Constine explains that, “Imagine Facebook’s integration with iOS 6, but on steroids, and built by Facebook itself. It could have a heavy reliance on Facebook’s native apps like Messenger, easy social sharing from anywhere on the phone, and more.”


Derick Mains, a Facebook spokesman, declined to share details of the event. But he said it would be a “significant mobile-focused announcement.” The invitation sent to members of the news media says, “Come see our new home on Android.”

Chetan Sharma said, when the Facebook phone is turned on, it will immediately display a Facebook user’s home screen. A phone with a strong Facebook focus would prompt customers to use Facebook more than competing apps and services. But the success of such a device would depend on how much support the handset received from wireless carriers

Facebook fuelled fresh talk today about its own mobile phone after the leading social network scheduled a press announcement for next week. Facebook’s invitation said only “Come See Our New Home On Android”.  Its likely to be released on 4th april.

Mark Zuckerberg has been quoted as saying, “We want to build a system deeply integrated in every device people want to use.”

Pebble Smartwatch


The Pebble  pairs with any Android and iOS devices running version 2.3 Gingerbread or iOS 5 and above to provide at-a-glance access to many of its functions. Without a paired device, the Pebble continues to function as a watch, but when connected to your iPhone or Android smartphone, it’s capable of displaying text messages and emails, displaying IDs for incoming calls, and reading emails.he Pebble pairs with your device over Bluetooth and displays the notification that is simultaneously appearing on your phone. In effect, it’s compatible with any iOS or Android app that supports notifications. Its side-mounted buttons can be used to pause, play, or change tracks when you’re listening to music, and you can answer or reject a call with a simple press.

Watch the video, its shows whole about this smartwatch!!!

While Android configurations work seamlessly, there are limitations to using it with an iPhone. Due to Apple’s walled garden, the Pebble doesn’t always play nice with iOS. Whenever you lose Bluetooth connectivity with the iPhone, whether it be by walking out of range, turning it off to save battery, or turning on airplane mode, the Pebble ceases to display notifications for anything but text messages and caller ID. Recalibrating your settings is simple, and Pebble says they’re working with Apple to resolve the issue, but for now, it’s a frequent annoyance.

The battery life is fantastic, delivering upon the company’s promise of up to 7 days per charge. In the two cycles I’ve gone through, both were exactly 7 days apart. The charging system is also painless. Each Pebble ships with a custom-built USB charging cable, which snaps to the left side using magnetized contacts. The backlighting of the 167×144 resolution ePaper display is fairly dull, but it’s more than sufficient for low-light use.

Next Microsoft OS. Its Windows blue. .!!

After an abundance of rumors and whispers, we now have more concrete evidence of Microsoft’s secretive Windows Blue operating system: An honest-to-goodness leak of an early build of the OS. The leak of “Windows Build 9364” appeared on torrent and file sharing sites Sunday morning in the form of a 2.6GB ISO file, and news of the leak blazed across the Net like wildfire after an initial appearance on Windows 9 Beta. Although Microsoft hasn’t issued a formal statement about the leak.

This Operating system looks like Windows 8 with some minute changes. Skydrives plays an important role in Windows blue. It has the additional new apps appear on the Windows Blue Start screen: Alarms, Calculate, Sound Recorder, and Movie Moments (its replacement of Windows movie maker). Internet Explorer 11 found in Windows Blue, It’s a very early version of Microsoft’s next-gen web browser—so much so that, functionally, it’s the exact same as Windows 8’s Internet Explorer 10. Under the surface, however, lies an intriguing hint of a new feature for the browser.

The hands on preview Video by theverge: