Pebble Smartwatch


The Pebble  pairs with any Android and iOS devices running version 2.3 Gingerbread or iOS 5 and above to provide at-a-glance access to many of its functions. Without a paired device, the Pebble continues to function as a watch, but when connected to your iPhone or Android smartphone, it’s capable of displaying text messages and emails, displaying IDs for incoming calls, and reading emails.he Pebble pairs with your device over Bluetooth and displays the notification that is simultaneously appearing on your phone. In effect, it’s compatible with any iOS or Android app that supports notifications. Its side-mounted buttons can be used to pause, play, or change tracks when you’re listening to music, and you can answer or reject a call with a simple press.

Watch the video, its shows whole about this smartwatch!!!

While Android configurations work seamlessly, there are limitations to using it with an iPhone. Due to Apple’s walled garden, the Pebble doesn’t always play nice with iOS. Whenever you lose Bluetooth connectivity with the iPhone, whether it be by walking out of range, turning it off to save battery, or turning on airplane mode, the Pebble ceases to display notifications for anything but text messages and caller ID. Recalibrating your settings is simple, and Pebble says they’re working with Apple to resolve the issue, but for now, it’s a frequent annoyance.

The battery life is fantastic, delivering upon the company’s promise of up to 7 days per charge. In the two cycles I’ve gone through, both were exactly 7 days apart. The charging system is also painless. Each Pebble ships with a custom-built USB charging cable, which snaps to the left side using magnetized contacts. The backlighting of the 167×144 resolution ePaper display is fairly dull, but it’s more than sufficient for low-light use.


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