History Of Computer Programming Languages Infographic

I like to start this post with the quotes which I like most.

Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think
— Steve Jobs

If debugging is the process of removing software bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in.
– Edsger Dijkstra

Now I come to the point, Programming Languages.  Ask yourself two questions.

  • What is Languages??
  • What is the Purpose of Languages??

English, French, Tamil, Hindi are the languages. It is used to communicate between human beings. The another question rises here. Then how can we communicate with machines. The solution is Programming Languages. Yes, it is by human to communicate with machines. Ada Lovelace is the first Computer Programmer, she is student of Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace wrote code for Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine. “C” programming language is the post popular programming language ever, “C” is developed by Dennis Ritchie. Around 90% of programs are written in C and C++ programming languages. C++ is the advanced version of C developed by Bjarne Stroustrup.


According to the latest report of Wikipedia there are 661+ programming languages are there.


Microsoft’s Cloud Storage OneDrive is now live. .!


I mentioned in the last blog post that “Microsoft OneDrive is coming soon“. Now its live, visit http://www.OneDrive.com. It is available in worldwide for Microsoft, IOS and Android devices.

Storage Options.
You can signup to onedrive and get 7GB free storage. You have to pay the annual price for the following plans.

  • Add 50GB for $25
  • Add 100GB for $50
  • Add 200GB for $100

They are having three interesting offers for you..!

  1. You can earn an extra 3GB of storage when you activate your camera roll backup to save photos automatically.
  2. Refer to friends and both of you will receive +500MB. Refer up to 10 friends for a maximum of 5GB.
  3. You can also get extra storage as part of an Office 365 subscription. 20 GB per person or up to 100 GB per household when you share your subscription benefits.

They are comparing their cloud storage with other cloud storages. For more details hit here.


Say bye to SkyDrive, Its time for OneDrive.

Microsoft, the tech giants planned to rename its cloud storage SkyDrive to OneDrive soon.


Why this name “OneDrive”?

we are using so many devices in our life, but want only one place to store all the important stuff. One place for all our photos, One place for all our videos, One place for all our documents. The solution is OneDrive for everything in our life.

Microsoft says

For current users of either SkyDrive or SkyDrive Pro, you’re all set. The service will continue to operate as you expect and all of your content will be available on OneDrive and OneDrive for Business respectively as the new name is rolled out across the portfolio.

Let us know at OneDrive.

Official video for one drive is here.

Thanks to: OneDrive Blog.