World’s First Smart Phone. . . !

August 16, 1994 is special day for mobile devices. Yes, the world first smart phone was introduced in this day. The interesting thing about this is, it’s not a popular mobile manufacturer Apple or Samsung or Nokia or Blackberry. Its king of mainframe computers IBM (International Business Machine Corp.).


IBM introduced first smart phone Simon. Lets see interesting facts about this phone. Do u imagine a phone with weight 1/2 Kg? Yes, Simon’s weight is 1/2 Kg. This 23 inch phone is impossible to put in a pocket. Touch screen technology is also implemented in this Grey color phone. It has notes, calendar and also some Apps and Games. We can send and receive fax with this phone. The drawback of this phone is it do not support internet.


You may ask a question, Is it smart phone without internet?. But in 1994 it is a big thing in that time internet is not that much popular.

The price of this phone is $899. This phone is not able to sustain after 6 months. This may be because of its battery life time of 1 hr. This phone may not success in market but this phone is recognized by placing in London Science museum for show.

Here is the IBM Simon hands on.

Thanks to TekGadg for video.