Facebook password tricks

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Yes, You can access your Facebook account with 3 different passwords . I was surprised when i read this message in Facebook. So , immediately, i tested whether it is true one or not. Yes, it is working..!!

Facebook allows the following variation of your passwords:

1. Your Original Password:
Let us assume that you are using “techNologyFacts” as password.  Yeah, you can log in with your default password 😉

2. Your original password with the case reversed(Toggle case):
This one will be interesting one.  You can toggle the case of your Password and use it.

For instance, your are using “techNologyFacts” as your default password. In this password, ‘F’ and ‘N’ is Capitalized.

if you toggle the password case, then your password will become “TECHnOLOGYfACTS“.

3. Your original password with the first letter capitalized:

If the first character of your password is in lower case and you change it to Upper case, you can still login with this one.

For instance, the original password is “techNologyFacts” .  In this password, the first character ‘t’ is in lower case.  If you capitalize the first character, then your password is “TechNologyFacts“.

The reason for 3 Passswords for your facebook account:
It is not security flaw.  It is just feature provided by Facebook.

“We accept three forms of the user’s password to help overcome the most common reasons that authentic logins are rejected. In addition to the original password” Zdnet quoted as Facebook spokesperson saying. ” we also accept the password if a user inadvertently has caps lock enabledor their mobile device automatically capitalizes the first character of the password.”

Three different Usernames:
1.  You can use your Facebook ‘Username’ as user name(if you have created)
2.  You can use your email address
3.  You can use use your mobile number ( if you have added your mobile number in Fb).

Yeah, i know this is one of the old one. Just few weeks ago i come to know about this and like to share with my blog readers. Hope you enjoyed this article..!


Basic steps for hacking

First of all I wanna tell you that hacking is a art. I am teaching you this art so that you can make yourself more secure. I don’t want you to use my techniques to harm others because hackers never harm others, crackers do. And we are Hackers not cracker.

There are 5 easy steps to learn Hacking :-

1. Take all safety Measures to hide yourself from target.

There are lots of techniques to hide yourself from target computer. I recommend you to use as much techniques as you can.

I am mentioning few important tricks below :-

Use Hide Ip Software :- This software will help you to hide your IP address.

Use Firewall :- Firewall secure your computer as well as restrict any personal information from going outside.

Use Proxy servers :- Whenever you want to surf the computer of your target use proxy servers.

Use others username and password :- Try to avoid using your own user name and password for internet connection. Learn the technique to get other’s user name and password.

2. Find out the IP Address of Target Computer.

what is Ip address :- It’s full form is Internet Protocol Address. Protocol means the way computer talks to each other and Internet protocol means , way in which two computer talks to each on internet. So the complete meaning of Ip address is address of a computer who wants to talk to other computers on internet.

There are two important things about ip address :-

it is unique for every computer.

it is needed every time we connect to internet.

Use of IP address in Hacking :- Ip address is one of the most important part of hacking. To learn its importance in hacking first of all we need to know what is hacking. All i can say here is that if we don’t know the ip address of target computer we can’t able to move single step forward in getting access to target computer.

Ways to find out IP address :-



dns query

3.Gather information about target computer such as its operating system ,time,date etc etc .

What ‘s the need ?

To be able to know weaknesses of target computer.

To exploit those weakness.

Learn more how we can exploit it.

How to gather information?


Dns Query

Port Scan


4.Use Search engine (according to information obtained from above steps) to get tools which will help us to hack target computer.

Search engines like google are very close friends of hackers. If we do all the things mentioned above we know exactly where vulnerability lies in target computer. To use that vulnerability we search for available tools on google.com. After downloading specific tools we need IP Address of target computer ( we already know) to get access on other computer.

Learn to use that vulnerability

5. Leave one or two files on the target computer so to get easy access in future.

To get access again and again hackers usually leave files on target computer. For eg Net cat which allow them to get access again and again. Download netcat

How to Find IP address of another computer?

Using PHP notification Script

Using this Notification script you can get the IP address in just seconds. Steps of using this PHP script:
a. Download the PHP notify script and extract files.
how to get an IP address of another computer
b. Now you will get two files IP.html and index.php . You need to upload these two files to any free web hosting server.
Example: i used http://www.my3gb.com to upload these two files. Create an account there and upload these two files there as shown below.
c. Now you will need to send the link of index.php to the victim whose password you want to get. to get the link click on index.php shown in above snapshot. Now a new window will open copy the link in the address bar and send to the victim whose IP address you want.
d. Now when the victim opens the above link nothing will open but his Ip address is written into the ip.html file. So open the ip.html file to get his IP address.
e. That’s all this method… I hope you liked it.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Lock screen bypass vulnerability

Following the partial bypass vulnerability in Note II, a new security flaw has been discovered that allows hackers to completely bypass lock screen on Samsung Galaxy S3 .samsung-galaxy-s3-lock-screen-bypass

The bug was discovered by Sean McMillan and posted as Full disclosure in the Seclists mailing list.

The instruction provided by McMillan : How to bypass the Lock screen in galaxy S3 
1) On the code entry screen press Emergency Call
2) Then press Emergency Contacts
3) Press the Home button once
4) Just after pressing the Home button press the power button quickly
5) If successful, pressing the power button again will
bring you to the S3’s home screen

McMillan said that it can “take quite a few attempts to get this working, sometimes this method works straight away, other times it can
take more than 20 attempts.”

How to protect your cloud storage from hacking?

The concept of cloud storage has become more common these days especially when offered commercially since it’s more cost effective for a large corporation to store data on an off-site data center. It is cheaper and they don’t have to worry about finding space for storing data on server which can be the size of a warehouse. However, at individual level, it is preferred less over local storagedevices like flash drive, hard drive and disk drive.

What is cloud storage?

To talk about the security level of cloud storage, we’ll first have to talk about what cloud storage is. Cloud storage is an off-site data warehouse where data is transferred and stored. It can be accessed anywhere in the world provided an Internet access is available. You can store virtually anything in a cloud storage model. I say virtually, because you are transferring it over the Internet on a web-based interface or Application Programming Interface (API) so it makes it seem like it is stored virtually.

Audio, video, documents, and any other forms of data that you can think of can be stored on a cloud storage location. You also have the option of choosing to share files with others. Saving messages or draft on your email is actually a type of cloud storage. However, to store data on it, you’ll have to pay according to the storage capacity and other factors as imposed by cloud storage companies.



Hacking and Security Issues

Hackers don’t need to visit your house or office and use your computer to access data. They do it over the Internet through various means like email, attachments in downloads, and so on. Since cloud storage is the process of transferring, storing, and sharing data on a remote data center over the Internet, people question its integrity and security.

To figure out the level of security cloud storage provides; we first need to ask ourselves how we actually get hacked. A hacker simply cannot access my system without a medium of connecting my computer to theirs and the medium usually is the Internet. But if all the right measures are taken, then the risk of being hacked becomes close to none. Securing your system, having a good and updated anti-virus, using strong passwords that are not common like your name, date of birth, not opening attachments and emails of unknown senders, and so much more will keep your data safe. The same applies for cloud storage.

Just because you transfer your data over the Internet to a third party server doesn’t mean the chances of your data getting hacked is relatively high. Making sure that the cloud storage data center is secure will assure you that your data won’t get stolen. Find out about the measures cloud storage companies are taking to protect data. Ask what level of encryption and firewalls they are using and how safe is the process of data transfer from and to the data center before you start storing data onto their servers.

Hacking normally happens not because of the shortcomings of systems but rather because of human operators. Not taking proper measures like downloading free software or anything that is free, using an outdated antivirus and a weak or common password are generally the reasons you get hacked. So, it is through the user that a hacker can gain access to the system.

To ensure that your data is protected, make sure you’ve done all of the following:

• Use a strong password.
A strong password contains a combination of symbols, numbers, special characters like _, $ and so on. It should be a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters. Make sure you change your password periodically too – weekly, monthly or quarterly.

• Update your Anti-Virus
An outdated antivirus can pretty much be used to clean your garage. There are new viruses, Trojans, Worms, Botnets etc. so make sure your antivirus is updated.

• Do not accept malicious email.
Do not open emails and file attachments and spam from unknown senders.

• Avoid connecting an unsecure WiFi.

• Avoid freeware.
Do not download freeware unless you are absolutely sure of it. Make sure that the website is trustworthy before downloading anything. Hackers attach worms, viruses onto files that look and work normally.

• Do not share your password.
You have a password so that no one else can access your system. If you are going around telling people your password, then it’s better not to have one instead.

• Set your cloud storage data sharing permission
Make sure you know whether you have opted to keep your stored data private or if you are sharing them with others.

• Find out about the company whose cloud storage service you’ll be paying for
Store your data only on data centers of companies which uses an effective encryption when transferring data to and from your system and the data center itself. Know all about the security measures taken by the company to ensure your data is secure as well.