Richest persons in Technology Industry in DEC 2017

TOP 10

1.Jeff Bezos:


Net Worth: 96.1 Billion USD

Company: Amazon

2.Bill Gates:


Net Worth: 90 Billion USD

Company: Microsoft

3.Mark Zuckerberg:


Net Worth: 70.1 Billion USD

Company: Facebook

4.Larry Ellison:


Net Worth: 58.7 Billion USD

Company: Oracle

5.Larry Page:


Net Worth: 47.6 Billion USD

Company: Alphabet

6.Sergey Brin:


Net Worth: 46.4 Billion USD

Company: Alphabet

7.Ma Huateng:


Net Worth: 42 Billion USD

Company: Tencent

8.Jack Ma:


Net Worth: 37.5 Billion USD

Company: Alibaba

9.Steve Ballmer:


Net Worth: 35.9 Billion USD

Company: Microsoft



Net Worth: 23.4 Billion USD

Company: Dell



Meet-up’s for Firefox Student Ambassadors


Hello Mozillians,


Meet-up’s for Firefox Student Ambassadors / Mozillians and enthusiastic people around South Tamil Nadu will be happening at Coimbatore , Madurai , Thanjavur and Rameswaram .

The set of Meet-up’s will focus on planning of events for different region and discuss related topics.

The event is happening at 4 places in order to make it easier for ambassadors/Mozillians to participate in the meet-up’s.

Registration and Event Details @

‪#‎Mozilla‬ ‪#‎MozillaTN  ‪#‎FsaTN

Updates on Location & Date Details:-

Madurai –  16 June 2015

Rameswaram – 18 June 2015

Thanjavur – 20 June 2015

Coimbatore – 21 June 2015

tsu – New Social Network shares revenue with users. !

Tsu was the company founded in 2013 by tech entrepreneurs Sebastian Sobczak, Drew Sobczak, Drew Ginsburg, Thibault Boullenger, and Jonathan Lewin which was located at New York.


There are many social networks Facebook, Google+ and a new comer Ello. But tsu is different from others it has some new ideas. It promises users to pay for their contribution and sharing original content. I hope this might be a great rival for Facebook in future. Tsu founder Sebastian Sobczak says:

Why should anyone commercially benefit from someone else’s image, likeness and work giving no financial return to the owner?

So what does this mean for business influencers and brands? Tsu keeps 10 percent of the revenue it earns from its ads to maintain the platform. It gives the other 90 percent to its content creators and the people that share posts.

How to Join?

To join in this new social network you need short code i.e invite from other users. Create your new profile in tsu. Posting content, Friend Request, Followers are similar to other social networks. Click this link to join tsu.

How it allocate revenue?

From $100 revenue, $90 is shared with users. If four users have shared and re-shared content, the revenue is split like this:

The original content creator receives 50 percent of the remaining $90; in this case, $45. The first user to share the content gets 33.3 percent (one third) of the original $90 generated. In this case, $29.70.

The second degree user, who shares the re-shared content, receives 11.1 percent (1/3 of 1/3 = 1/9) of the original $90 generated. In this case $9.99. The third user (think your third degree connection) receives 3.70 percent (1/3 of 1/3 of 1/3 = 1/27) of the original $90 generated. In this case $3.33.

You can redeem your money when it reaches minimum of $100. tsu will send cheque to your home. Its a very cool way of sharing revenue – surely something that other companies might be interested in copying.


To ensure a safe and authentic community, Tsu prohibit users from earning money through illegitimate means:

  • Any attempt to game the system or impersonate others Spam, such as begging for follows, aggressive hash tagging, posting on strangers’ walls.
  • Inappropriate content, including violent, discriminatory, unlawful, hateful, sexually explicit or pornographic material.

Its an pretty cool idea from Sebastian Sobczak. To experience this new platform Join Tsu.

Now Make Free Call from any moblie without using Internet Connection.!!


A team of Engineers from Bangalore Yashas C Shekar, Vijayakumar Umaluti and Sandesh  introduced a free voice call service “FreeKall” throughout India. This service will help  you to make a free call from any mobile. You won’t need any smart phones or Internet connections. Its really simple to make a free call.

How Can I make Free Call?

  • SignUp in with your mobile number
  • Dial Toll-Free number 1800-108-4444, This call will be disconnected automatically.
  • You will get a call back from 08067915000. Answer the call.
  • Follow the IVR instruction, that dial the 10 digit mobile number followed by ‘#’.
  • Now enjoy the FreeKall Service.

FreeKall makes money by making people listen to advertisements. So, when the call is connected, the user hears an advertisement instead of a ringing tone. And at intervals of two minutes, the caller and the called party will have to pause the conversation and hear an advertisement for soaps, shampoos and the like.

This service will be pretty cool for those who never minds about that advertisements.. 🙂

Ubuntu 14.04 is now Available for Download. . !



Ubuntu 14.04 (TrustyTahr) is now available for download in Ubuntu official website. It has been upgraded to some new features. Its animation effects are cool. Its nice to see the animation when we minimize the window.

Some of the key features are

  • New Lock Screen: slick, matches login screen and now easier to access
  • Theme Changes: borderless windows, antialiased corners and gradient tweaks
  • App & Window Spread Typing: Narrow windows down by name
  • App Menu Option: Puts app menus back in app windows
  • Unity 8 Preview: Don’t expect anything special or stable, but ideal for developers

Here the Ubuntu 14.04 review video from OMGUbuntu.

Download Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Here