Microsoft Ends the support for windows XP.



Windows XP retires this month. Microsoft corp had said goodbye to Windows XP which is debuted on 2001. They released its final security update for Windows XP and Office 2003 on April 8. The fact is still there is millions of consumers use Win XP in their home and offices. Security experts advise consumers and businesses to either replace computers running Windows XP or upgrade to modern versions of Microsoft’s software within the next month because they will no longer be protected from newly discovered threats after the middle of May. You will still able to run XP computers and install past updates.

Why I need to upgrade? What happen if I still run XP in my pc?

The main reason is security. Hackers knows that Microsoft will no longer fix security flaws for XP. So there is chance for evil-doers to attack your computer. There is also a performance issue, If you buy new printer or scanner it might be not work fine in XP system. If you download a latest software it might be not supported by XP. So, its time for upgrading your pc to Win 7, Win 8 or Win 8.1.


Next Microsoft OS. Its Windows blue. .!!

After an abundance of rumors and whispers, we now have more concrete evidence of Microsoft’s secretive Windows Blue operating system: An honest-to-goodness leak of an early build of the OS. The leak of “Windows Build 9364” appeared on torrent and file sharing sites Sunday morning in the form of a 2.6GB ISO file, and news of the leak blazed across the Net like wildfire after an initial appearance on Windows 9 Beta. Although Microsoft hasn’t issued a formal statement about the leak.

This Operating system looks like Windows 8 with some minute changes. Skydrives plays an important role in Windows blue. It has the additional new apps appear on the Windows Blue Start screen: Alarms, Calculate, Sound Recorder, and Movie Moments (its replacement of Windows movie maker). Internet Explorer 11 found in Windows Blue, It’s a very early version of Microsoft’s next-gen web browser—so much so that, functionally, it’s the exact same as Windows 8’s Internet Explorer 10. Under the surface, however, lies an intriguing hint of a new feature for the browser.

The hands on preview Video by theverge:

3 Interesting Facts About Microsoft Windows

1. You Can’t Create A Folder Named “Con”.
Try It!

2. Write The Following Text Into Notepad:

“Bush Hid The Facts”

Save The File And Re-Open And See The Magic

3. Open Microsoft Word And Type

=Rand(200, 99)

And Press Enter And See The Magic
About This 3rd Fact, The Whole Microsoft Team, Even Bill Gate Itself Does Not Know Why This Happened,… 🙂