Official Facebook App beta for Windows Phone 8

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If you love Facebook and enjoy playing around with pre-releases software this article for you.

Microsoft released their new official facebook app (v5.0.1.0) for their Windows 8 phone. They added so many new features in
this app although they cant able to beat IOS and Android Facebook App.

The new app included new support for high-res photos, post sharing, and Facebook Timeline, and Microsoft hopes to generate a
lot of feedback via the app itself (under Settings> About) and even via the review section of marketplace. You can grap the
beta app here (for WP8 only) and give your feedback and suggestions to make this app better.


Windows App Store Reaches New Milestone


When Microsoft introduces the windows 8 store on last october, they announced that, one lakh apps will be available soon. They fixed a target to reach this within three months but they were able reach only 50,000 apps. However this is also an achievement. Number of apps increased  to 20,000 rapidly by November. Day by day approximately 200 apps was added to their site. But unfortunately their growth  slows down. And by January, the number had reached 40,000. In February, the number of applications updated were less than 200. Now it has reached a total of 50.000.

Comparing with Android’s Google play store and Apple’s Apple store, Microsoft’s Windows 8 store was in most backward state. But the two, who are lead, was functioning for long time, rather than Windows 8 user’s are less than Android and Mac users. Windows 8 store wants to reach the level of other two stores as soon as possible. We have to wait for that day and hopes Microsoft will reach that.

Here the Graph clearly shows about Windows store ups and downs:

Windows-8 Store-Graph

Next Microsoft OS. Its Windows blue. .!!

After an abundance of rumors and whispers, we now have more concrete evidence of Microsoft’s secretive Windows Blue operating system: An honest-to-goodness leak of an early build of the OS. The leak of “Windows Build 9364” appeared on torrent and file sharing sites Sunday morning in the form of a 2.6GB ISO file, and news of the leak blazed across the Net like wildfire after an initial appearance on Windows 9 Beta. Although Microsoft hasn’t issued a formal statement about the leak.

This Operating system looks like Windows 8 with some minute changes. Skydrives plays an important role in Windows blue. It has the additional new apps appear on the Windows Blue Start screen: Alarms, Calculate, Sound Recorder, and Movie Moments (its replacement of Windows movie maker). Internet Explorer 11 found in Windows Blue, It’s a very early version of Microsoft’s next-gen web browser—so much so that, functionally, it’s the exact same as Windows 8’s Internet Explorer 10. Under the surface, however, lies an intriguing hint of a new feature for the browser.

The hands on preview Video by theverge:

3 Interesting Facts About Microsoft Windows

1. You Can’t Create A Folder Named “Con”.
Try It!

2. Write The Following Text Into Notepad:

“Bush Hid The Facts”

Save The File And Re-Open And See The Magic

3. Open Microsoft Word And Type

=Rand(200, 99)

And Press Enter And See The Magic
About This 3rd Fact, The Whole Microsoft Team, Even Bill Gate Itself Does Not Know Why This Happened,… 🙂